Spring of the New Year. A moment in time that afford us perspective. Yes challenges remain, but I think of it as a fresh coat of paint on the same wall. Preferably white (try Benjamin Moore Simply White). I recently remodeled my California abode and found that clearing out the old sorting through my life helped me reconnect with all the things for which I am so grateful. A roof over my head, a sunny day, friends and family nearby and my favorite vase gifted to me by my Mom. I made a resolution to find something to be grateful about every morning every night. Open and close my day in gratitude. I purchased this gold banner and it is the first thing I see with my morning coffee. It helps! I also resolved to do something new different – this little blog of mine. The Sweet Life. Please check in for a chat and some creative design ideas from the mind of Kimberly Levine Ashley. 

In my work I have always been a fan of stacking. This goes back to my days as a producer. It was the way I organized my desk. It was useful and it looked good. Over time I realized I am a serial stacker and I stak everything from coffee table books, to tulips, bills and the credit cards rubber banded together in a perfect stack in my wallet. So stacking is my thing. But, it has function as well as form. let me explain. In the world of design whether it is my jewelry or my interiors the very first thing I do is look to create a meaningful and impactful stacking opportunity. Why? Because it creates identity by building a center or story. This can be a theme story. a color story or a chaos story. Let’s start with the gold bead bracelet, My first born and true love. (www.kimashleydesign.com) I have a secret to making these look elegant, chic, effortless and unique. It is the way in which you incorporate size, color and space. That is it. That is how you stack. Start with size. You want to create a break for the eye by adding in different sizes. Yes  size matters but, you must add definition to that structure with color. Color controls the movement and the mood of a space. Even a splash sets the atmosphere. Finally, space. While size and color break up the solid facade, real space is created by shapes and shine. Space is a neutralizer that calms and prepares the pallet. Start with your stack of bracelets (has tone at least 3) play with these and find what type of stack feels right to you. Once you have mastered your stack it will be very easy to translate this high design look to your home. Coffee Table books with fat and skinny widths and shiny or matte covers in an array of colors that are both eye catching and mood stabilizing. Photographs and Paintings along your staircase wall in fresh and bold tones: a pine frame, an ornate gold and no frame as ovals, rectangles and squares. This stackable design concept becomes totally additicing!