I am Kim Ashley, and this collection of jewelry is my baby. I am a Southern California native, born in Los Angeles, and raised in Rolling Hills. I have always had a passion for design whether it’s floral design, fashion, cooking, home design or jewelry; it’s always been so inspiring for me to create something that brings joy to others. It is literally when and how I feel most alive. I love the process of creating something beautiful that will make a lasting impression, something that will bring a smile to your face whenever you wear it or think of it, something that makes you feel happy and sexy. And now I’m creating this collection of bracelets that I simply love!

My personal style would probably best be described as laid back luxe, and that is the look that I hope to convey with this collection. My gold-filled and sterling silver bead bracelets are handmade by me here in Los Angeles. I string each one by hand and by doing so, my personal style is quite literally infused into each bracelet. I use the finest gold-filled and sterling silver beads in the collection, as well as natural gemstones including sapphire, iolite and labradorite, among others. 14K diamond beads are the centerpiece of a range of styles in the Diamond Collection. My bracelets are super easy to wear. I personally layer them with bangles and bracelets and they look great no matter how I mix them up. It makes me really happy when a friend grabs my wrist exclaiming, I’m obsessed with your bracelets! I encourage you to insinuate your personal style into the collection – mixing and matching my bracelets to suit your own taste. But most of all, I hope you love the collection as much as I do!